Friday, January 8, 2010

It’s January!

In Sacramento January means a lot of gray days. Still, there is beauty all around and as I was sitting at my drafting table, I watched the birds busy in the trees.

January is the time to finally cut back your roses if you haven’t already. I realize that many of the roses still have blooms on them, nevertheless, it’s time to cut them back. Also, any grasses that haven’t been cut back should be as well. I noticed that already the new green growth is coming up around the dormant shoots on some of my own grasses. Now is also a good time to transplant plants and small trees. In my yard, for example, a shrub starts to overrun another every couple of years and them it’s time to transplant the crowded shrub to a place that will give it more room.

To transplant a shrub or tree:

Put the shovel in at an angle, about 18” from the base of the plant. Work all around the plant until you’ve made sort of an inverted triangle of dirt and roots. You should easily be able to pop the shrub or tree out and transplant it. When transplanting, it’s always good to add some new fertile soil to the new hole before putting the plant in.

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