Friday, November 6, 2009

My Garden

What I am doing with my garden:

After hearing Rosalind Creasy speak I was excited by all of the possible edibles I could plant. I decided to plant bok choy, a mix of lettuces, broccoli, purple cauliflower (from Peaceful Valley Farms), as well as cabbage and arugula for my winter garden. I’m still harvesting the last of my golden cherry tomatoes and eggplant. As a staple in the garden, I have artichokes and chard growing, along with marjoram, rosemary, thyme, oregano, pears, and mandarine oranges.

On another note, soon I will be pulling up my dahlias and transplanting them to my garden borders to create more room in my beds. I will also pull up and transplant my strawberries to containers where I can better regulate the slug’s all out war over who gets my strawberries! I am going to go over to the nursery and pick up a couple of blueberry bushes (you generally need more than one to cross pollinate), because I love blueberries and the shrubs are lovely - although deciduous.

In a time when the economy is looking bleak and so many people are working fewer hours and therefore contributing less to household income it makes sense to become self-sustainable (at least more so). There is plenty that we can do: grow more of our own food, catch rain water to recycle in our gardens and garden to reduce stress! I love to be out in my garden, especially after long hours at my desk. I love to wander around the beds and check what’s growing...

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