Monday, November 23, 2009

Group Effort: Habitat for Humanity housing in Sacramento

Grand opening for Habitat Housing!

These houses are not free - they are low-income and offered at a 0% interest rate but the homeowner still pays the mortgage, taxes and insurance. Many different groups volunteered to build these homes and each family had to put in 500 hours of work on the house, not mention all of the qualifications involved. On the day of the dedication, the Young Democrats were putting up the framing for the next house. The Peace Corps. and many others spend time on the project.

These four homes on Forrest Street, Sacramento, is Habitat's first multi-unit endeavor. I designed all of the yards, and they are all drought-tolerant with no lawn and very little maintenance.

These homes made Gold Standard in the LEED Certification (Leadershiop in Energy and Environmental Design). This project shows that homes can be built on a very small budget and also be energy efficient. It should be noted however that PG&E donated the solar collectors that run the A/C unit. These are extremely expensive, and without the donation, the houses would not have them.

One of the families

(After handing them a bouquet of flowers)

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