Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Remember that you had beautiful Rose blooms this spring? Remember when everything looked so lush and green? That's history now...twice Sacramento  has been up into the 100's, and when that happens the plants just buckle down and survive! There are a few that don't mind the heat: Crape Myrtles go into bloom when everything else is hanging on for dear life...My Dahlias are starting to bloom and they are spectacular! The tomatoes are coming in, the Nepeta is in bloom (that's Catnip - and in my garden, it's like having a beer garden open 24 hours for my cats!), the Canna is in bloom, my Lemon Balm has gone to seed, the Black Eyed Susans' and the Echinacea is in bloom. So, that's why it's important to have your evergreen foundation plants...they hold down the fort in the winter, and the perennials that will bloom throughout the summer months. Your garden should never have a dull moment! Oh, and did I mention the Day Lilies and the Achillea (Yarrow)???

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