Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Home & Garden Expo

The 2011 Home & Garden Expo was a hit! This year I took on the challenge of designing a 50'x20' demonstration garden, and the crews - Jeff Abdallah with Sacramento Valley Landscape and Roger Pajo with Creativescapes put it all together.
A very big thank you to Theodora from Green Living Design Solutions for lending me and bringing up the beautiful copper cut-work panels from Parasoleil; they were truly the hit of the show. I believe Sacramento was introduced to them in a big way! (To see more go to:
Another thank you to Emigh Casual Living for lending their fabulous outdoor furniture. I used a set from Gloster that was also show stopping! Lara Hawthorne from Sierra View Nursery is, as always, the best - and her plant stock wonderful! Cascade guys...I don't know where Sacramento would be without you! I have been working with them for over 12 years. Their rock selection is great and their service is even better! Green Acres supplied the beautiful pottery and the fountain.
Delta Blue Grass came through with a no-mow, native grass. Absolutely beautiful. A lawn that you can mow or now and takes 50% less water than a normal lawn!
Thank you everybody!

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