Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flora Grubb

The day after the garden tour my daughter and I headed for the City - San Francisco - to finally get to a nursery that I’ve been wanting to go to: Flora Grubb Gardens. What a treat! Flora Grubb has been featured in Sunset Magazine and also Garden Design Magazine. Flora Grubb sells fabric pockets that hang vertically which enable you to create a “vertical garden.” They also have a vast array of succulents and huge vertical plantings that are literally living art.

As you walk through the nursery you’ll come across some really crazy whimsical items, such as an old car that has every open orifice stuffed with plants...even the hood is ripped open for palms to grow out of the top! A bicycle is rimmed with air plants. It’s so creative and inspiring...I highly recommend a trip there. It will get your creative juices going!

Flora Grubb:

1634 Jerrold Ave. S.F.

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