Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Spring

I love to look around me and see even the oldest most twisted tree awash in blossoms! With the dark skies the colors stand out even brighter. The flowering quince is just about done, the daffodils are still standing tall, the tulips are still pushing through, but the fruit (and ornamental fruit) trees are in bloom...big time!

I love to cut branches and put them in a large vase. Shown here are branches from my ornamental plum tree. The Forsythia just started blooming and they make a beautiful arrangement as well.

We are getting close to spring, and now is the time to start your vegetable seeds indoors...actually you could have started last month (I’m a little late!). I am also preparing my garden beds. Each year I order a load of composted manure that is mixed with wood shavings from Carol Jones. I call her “Carol the Compost Lady.” For $50.00 she’ll deliver a pickup truck full - towering full, and fork it onto your driveway or street. I mulch my existing beds with this also. Years ago my hairdresser Bob worked in a small salon that was in an old Victorian in downtown Sacramento. The garden was absolutely beautiful. I asked him how did he get everything to look so lush? Bob and the other stylists all chorused, “Carol the compost lady!” If you would like to order compost from her you can call her at: (916) 397-2854 (She prefers payment in cash).

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