Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time to Prune!

December and January are the months to prune roses. If you are unsure about the process, there are many workshops that demonstrate how to do it. Check the calendar in the Garden section of the Sacramento Bee, and also check with local nurseries like Capital Nursery and Windmill Nursery... they may have classes as well.

I heavily prune my climbing roses. They are vigorous growers, and if you don’t prune them hard, in the spring they will grow too heavy for their supports (with all of their buds and blossoms).

Crape Myrtles require major pruning as well, and they will produce better blooms in the summer after a good winter prune. This is one of the few non-fruiting trees that need pruning. For your fruiting trees, UC Davis has a wonderful website, the California Backyard Orchard that has information and classes on just about every type of fruit you can grow - and how to prune them! It’s worth browsing. Again - in a time of economic fluctuations growing fruit and vegetables makes sense; plus it’s fun and gratifying.

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