Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Part 1: Masks

Fall is Here!

The Autumn equinox came and went (september 22nd this year) and still Sacramento continued to bake at around 100° temperatures. Then suddenly we had a blissful 70° day and the hint of a breeze - fall is around the corner! While digging through my old files I came across an article from Martha Stewart’s Living magazine that I tore out back in 1997:

The article was on Halloween and gave a quick how-to on creating masks using leaves and petals. My daughter and I were completely smitten with the project - we thought, what a great way to display the fall colors! My daughter and her friend made the masks for Halloween and they came out beautiful. We purchased one of those half-face, unadorned masks as a template and then glued the leaves right on. Honestly, when they were finished they were art pieces. We sprayed them with a clear varnish (get this at a craft store) to protect them and after they had served their purpose as costume pieces we put them in a keep-sake frame. My daughter still has hers, it has held up amazingly well over the past twelve years.

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