Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the Coffee Garden

Coffee Garden:

(916) 457-5507

2904 Franklin Blvd.


Mon- Sat 6am-11pm

Sun 7am-10pm

You may have overlooked the stucco façade of the Coffee Garden on first pass. It is camouflaged by a lack of décor common in most Sacramento strip-malls. A string of lights and a few potted palms have been placed outside the front door, something like balloons tacked to a mailbox, signaling that there is more going on inside than meets the eye.

Beyond the deceptive exterior there is indeed more to be had. Inside the Coffee Garden there is a jumble of small tables, comfy chairs and artwork all higgledy-piggledy about the room. The jolly staff is helpful - quick to make drinks and answer questions.

Roberta and I visited on a mild Wednesday afternoon. We ordered and took our enormous cups, overflowing with foam, to the back garden. We found a table in the courtyard which is carpeted by decomposed granite and skirted by a vine-covered fence. The foliage is mainly comprised of plants in pots – tropical ferns, palms, orchids, and hibiscus. The owner and gardener had been an exotic plant dealer before opening the Coffee Garden.

We sipped our coffee, contentedly swaddled in the back-yard atmosphere. The muffled crunch of footsteps on decomposed granite, a low murmur from the patrons and a diverse family of flora to keep our eyes moving over the landscape made for a lovely setting. The Coffee Garden made our list of public gardens to escape to during the summer.

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