Sunday, May 10, 2009

The David Lubin Garden Tour

Garden Five of the David Lubin tour, 2009

Owners: Schnetz’s

Embellisher: Stems

The David Lubin Garden Tour is a tribute to the eponymous man with the intention of enriching the Sacramento community by means of the David Lubin Elementary School’s Student Enrichment Programs. The tour takes place on Mother’s day weekend, and had we (Roberta and crew) had our minds about us, we would have let more people know that it was happening! Be that as it may, the tour was a success and Roberta’s garden looked, well, ravishing. Her clients’ home was Garden Five on the tour. On page twenty six of the Lubin Tour program, Betsy Ronsheimer wrote that Garden Five’s flow aided by ambling paths and hardscape elements such as an outdoor fireplace, “seamlessly [married] the garden to the home,” which is something that Roberta believes every garden should do – expand one’s living space.   Ronsheimer goes on to write about the “relaxing” quality of the design—providing shade in the summer and a place to entertain, “what more could a busy family want?”  Well I’m not sure Betsy, but it’s a good start.

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